The weather report I saw said it was going to snow tonight. That report was off by only about 12 hours, as it’s almost 2pm now and it’s been snowing pretty hard since roughly 9 this morning. But oddly, it’s not sticking yet–not even a little bit.

Manhattan can be majestic in the snow. But majestic, snow-covered Manhattan is one of the most fleeting sights in the world, because it takes only about a half hour or so for the pretty, white snow to start turning all brown and disgusting. Another hour later, the sidewalks and streets are all clear and the remaining snow piled near the curb is almost completely black. It’s like the whole city mutually agrees to stop what we’re doing, take a moment to appreciate the serenity, and then shove it the heck out of the way so we can finish what we were doing.

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