Nobody would argue that pigeons are a delicate breed. But I think New York pigeons are even tougher than most. Just try to scare them: they just look back at you as if to say, in their sarcastic, tough-guy pigeon voices, “WTF?”  The cartoon “The Animaniacs” used to have a recurring sketch called “Goodfeathers,” about wiseguy pigeons; it was meant as a joke but I always thought of it as more of a documentary. Pigeons here don’t screw around. The one I saw at the Jamaica train station is a perfect example: he suffers a leg injury that would probably cripple or kill a lesser bird, so what does he do? Cry? Sit around feeling sorry for himself? No sir. He’s got places to go and people to crap on, so he limps across the platform and takes the train.

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