I figured out a few years ago that I’d get to work a full five minutes earlier every morning if I were an attractive woman.

Instead of waiting to get off the train when it pulls into Penn Station, and waiting in line to go up the stairs from the platform to the main level, and waiting in line to walk up the stairs to leave Penn Station, and waiting my turn to enter the building where I work, and getting onto the elevator last, I’d have a clear passage from start to finish as the other passengers stand aside and let me through first. It’s as if the male commuters think that the act of letting the hot woman through will be, in her eyes, so chivalrous that she’ll be immediately smitten and compelled to offer her phone number (or something much more exciting). If it wasn’t making me late for work, it’d be amusing to watch men so predictably part like the Red Sea. Hot women are like Moses.

The photo, by the by, is SI Swimsuit cover model Bar Rafaeli. Not that she takes public transportation much these days, but if she did, it’s safe to assume she’d have a nice clear path out of the station.

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