It’s Fashion Week in New York, which means different things to different people. If you’re an actual or aspiring fashion plate (yes, I’m intentionally avoiding the drastically overused “-ista” suffix), it means a possible celebrity designer sighting or even [gasp] brush with greatness. If you work in Midtown, it means Bryant Park is off limits for a while, and you’ll be eating lunch at your desk. But despair not, disheartened desk jockeys: you can head to Bryant Park anyway, and play Fashion Week Bingo. Just fill your card with Fashion Week staples like a woman wearing all yellow, or a group of three or more lackeys dressed in the same employer-logoed outfit (usually either all black or all white), or a woman with no ticket pass trying to get inside the big tent anyway, or a guy stuck walking the little fluffy dog of someone above him on fashion’s corporate ladder. Or my personal favorite, the people walking by who have no idea it’s Fashion Week and are trying to figure out what all the commotion and crowds are for. And don’t forget: the middle square on your Fashion Week Bingo card is free–unlike anything inside the tents.

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