The title of this post doesn’t refer to the traffic in New York, though that beast is certainly worthy of discussion. It’s about the traffic to this blog, which, I noticed, includes one particular reader today who got here by searching for the term “twin towers joke.”

I don’t know any jokes about the Twin Towers; I presume the reason my blog came up in the search results is that I used the phrase “Twin Towers” a few weeks ago when I wrote about the anniversary of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

I’m not one of those people who thinks you can’t laugh at serious events, and I do sometimes find a little morbid humor to be a helpful way of getting through tough times (and evading real emotion). Still “twin towers joke” seems an odd thing to be searching for, no?

Curious, I followed that reader’s lead and searched online for “twin towers joke.” All I can tell you is that the guy must have been sorely disappointed because, even if you think that joking about deadly terrorist attacks is funny, the few jokes I found online weren’t really funny. I did, however, notice that the Journal of Folklore Research (geez, there’s an academic journal for everything) published a study on WTC humor–specifically, WTC jokes e-mailed around among office workers in Hungary. The cruelest joke of all is that the study’s author probably got a HUGE government grant paid for, ultimately, by you and me.