Today, a belated shout-out to fellow New Yorker RB, whose always amusing, sometimes poignant blog The Wicked Witch of the Web mentions, as an aside, “My favorite thing about New York is that you can cry on the street and no one will care, but my second favorite thing is that the stress that stems from getting to, or getting into, a yoga class would make even the Dalai Lama feel murderous.

I wonder if they have yoga classes at 24 Hour Fitness Derek Jeter.



“What gym do you go to?”
“Derek Jeter.”

I didn’t realize that could be a legitimate conversation until I was walking by Madison Square Park and noticed the place in the above photo. In case you can’t read the sign, the place is called 24 Hour Fitness Derek Jeter.

It’s not just a gym, though. When you walk in, you’re in a “nutrition” store, kinda like GNC, stocked with all sorts of dietary supplements. Behind the supplement store is the gym. Now, aside from the horribly awkward inclusion of Jeter’s name in the name of the business, nothing’s really wrong with this, per se.

Jeter’s lent his name to many products over the years: a car, a cologne, Vanessa Minnillo. But with several of his Yankee teammates in recent trouble for steroid use, you have to wonder about the wisdom of attaching your name (awkwardly or not) to a supplement store/gym.

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