Hippo Shoes

It’s not easy to read thanks to my lousy camera and lack of photography skill, but the store in the middle, found in Midtown Manhattan, is called Hippo Shoes.

Sounds like the perfect place to find accessories to match the new outfit I bought at Manatee Clothiers.

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A friend spotted this spelling error outside a restaurant on 60th and 1st:


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the chalkboard trumpets a “Three Coarse Dinner.” For a mere $20.09, you get a sandpaper appetizer, some burlap for the entree and, for dessert, Clint Eastwood.

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Photo taken in the Diamond District (corner of 47th and 5th, specifically) by a friend of a friend:


Rejected captions:

“What can I get for an overbearing mother-in-law?”

“Wow, this recession is worse than we thought!”

“Wholsesale only”

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